BOEHM, KURTZ & LOWRY, established 1990
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Boehm, Kurtz & Lowry is a Cincinnati-based law firm founded in 1990 which specializes in the representation of large energy-intensive manufacturers in proceedings before state and federal regulatory agencies dealing with all aspects of utility services including rates, availability, reliability of service and contract negotiations.  Partners David F. Boehm, Michael L, Kurtz, Kurt J. Boehm and Jody Kyler Cohn are public utility attorneys and practice exclusively in this area and collectively possess over 65 years experience in utility regulation in over a dozen states.  In Ohio and Kentucky, Boehm, Kurtz & Lowry attorneys co-founded the Ohio Energy Group (OEG) and the Kentucky’s Industrial Utility Customers (KIUC) in order to represent the collective interests of industrial energy consumers of specific utilities in specific proceedings more cost-effectively. 

KIUC was found in 1982 and its members include virtually all large energy-intensive manufacturers in Kentucky, about 30 in all.

OEG was founded in 2003 and has as its members 27 of the largest Ohio industries. Representing these member-run organizations over the years, Boehm, Kurtz & Lowry has achieved millions in cost avoidance savings and in some cases, rate reductions.

Partner John P. Lowry represents small and mid-size businesses and individuals in contract matters, business planning and business litigation, and assists individuals and families with comprehensive estate planning. 

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36 E. Seventh St., Suite 1510 Cincinnati OH 45202
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